The Sparks came out hungry to start a new winning streak on March 16th.  We were able to score 2 goals in the first half Chris Grow and Suraj each getting us on the scoreboard in the first half.  They always say 2-0 is the most dangerous lead in soccer.  So at halftime we gathered our energy and were determined to add more goals after the half.

And gather we did…Robert, Andy, Jesse (first goal of the season, congrats), and Suraj again.  Suraj earned his first brace of the season with a deft free kick from distance, cementing his place as one of the “go to” dead ball specialists on the team.  It wasn’t a perfect afternoon as our opponents scored from two dead balls as well.  One on a PK and another on quick restart from 45 yards on the fly.  It was a nice one, you have to admit.  Besides goals their penalty taker also decided he had enough of playing and earned a second yellow by flipping the ref the bird.  Behavior a Spark would never exhibit I hope.  We are to definitely too handsome for such an ugly display.

Final score 6-2.  It was a nice revenge against one of the teams that kept us from three points last time.  Next game is Saturday April 6th against the current league leaders and our fiercest rivals Morava.  If we win out the league is ours.  Let’s bring it boys!