Today was one of the rougher games of the season without a doubt.  Our opponents were one of the few teams to beat us this year and they were out to hand us another loss.  The first half was spent with us on our back foot most of the time.  Happily we were very efficient with our chances.  Saul took an early breakaway chance and finished with a calm and cool shot.  Soon after the ball came nicely to Robert who was able to smoothly chip the keeper to the upper corner. 2-0 Sparks. Our opponents kept putting on consistent pressure and were able to place a laser shot past David’s outstretched gloves.  No fault to Dave who had a nice game in the net.  That made it 2-1 at halftime.

Clearly our caffeine had not kicked in yet, but we rallied the troops at halftime.  Passions were flowing and words were hot, but as we all know this is because we care and want to win.

In the second half we found our composure on the ball and defended like pit bulls.   No goals to report in the second half, but plenty of bruises on both sides for sure.  This was a gritty win and it made me proud to be a Spark.  Credit to the whole team for coming together in the second half to play tough and shut them down.  Two more games left, let’s finish out with two more wins.

Go Sparks!